Asset Management

Fountain Financial Group, Inc is committed to being recognized and respected as a premier investment management firm that provides investment services to individuals, business, non-profit organizations, retirement accounts, investment funds, endowments and charitable trusts.  Our reputation is based on our excellent client relationships and integrity.


We guide investors through a comprehensive financial and portfolio evaluation.  Combining this with a planning process that helps identify and implement an investment strategy that helps achieve your financial goals.


Using this strategy our team of professionals assists you in building an investment portfolio.  We then provide on-going performance oversight and review that insures performance measurements are being carefully monitored.


The Asset Management Process includes the following steps;

  1. Investment Profile - Identify your financial goals and risk
  2. Investment Policy -Create a written investment strategy based on your investment profile
  3. Investment Selection -Select quality companies that are fundamentally sound
  4. Daily Monitoring - We are constantly monitoring economic and investment conditions
  5. Communication -We will consult with you on a regular basis

Our investment philosophy stresses that preservation is the first priority and then you can focus on returns


Contact us today to find out how, together, we can help you achieve your definition of financial success.