Our Firm

Fountain Financial Group, Inc.

"Planning for People Who Care"

Our clients are committed to planning their wealth and a comfortable lifestyle.  Our clients share their hopes, dreams needs and goals; we listen and we help them understand their options.  We work with our clients to develop a plan that reflects their own unique situation, while putting our knowledge and experience to work for their benefit.

Getting to Know Us

At Fountain Financial Group, Inc. we define our success by the results we achieve for our clients.  We believe it is our responsibility to educate, inform and empower our clients.  We offer investment, financial and estate planning services with "easy to understand" solutions.  We focus on estate planning and specialize in charitable gifting for donors of Christian ministries.  We build trusting relationships by putting our clients first; treating their finances as if they were our own.  We believe our clients will recognize our efforts and refer us to others who can benefit from our services.

Our Advisors

Our Advisors maintain the highest commitment to providing clients with the information and resources they need to make good choices for their financial future.  They help clients through the process of simplifying and organizing their financial lives, allowing them the time, clarity and framework to focus on their values and goals.


At Fountain Financial Group, Inc. we understand that planning is about more than finances -- it is about helping clients to preserve and grow their assets in a way  that has purpose.  We work hard each day to ensure our clients have the confidence that comes from knowing they have a team of trusted advisors committed to working with them to help make their dreams a reality.

Cooperation and Service

We take the "team approach" to financial planning.  We encourage involvement, and cooperation is the cornerstone of our client relationships.  We recognize that planning is a life long process, and that our client's needs and lives will change over time, so we continue to be a source of experience and service for them as time passes.

A Distinct Difference

We realize our clients have options when it comes to choosing a financial planning partner, and we believe they deserve the very best we have to offer.  We do our best work with clients who understand the value of comprehensive planning, have investable assets of $100,000, and who are committed to the financial planning process.


If you are someone, or know of someone, who wants to learn more about our results-oriented planning process, we invite you to call us.  1-800-950-2109